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Seminar Details

  • Usual (in person) Seminar Time/Place:
    1:10 -2 pm Tuesdays, 131A Campbell Hall, UC Berkeley
    (Please note this is 50 minutes, questions outside of those during the talk start at 2 pm, we need to leave the room usually by 2:05 for the next class)
    Campus meetings are in Campbell Hall and LeConte, near the Hearst Mining Circle and Campanile (Sather Tower) on the northeast side of campus. LBL meetings are usually in building 50, up the hill near the guest house. The Astronomy Department office is in Campbell Hall 501.
    Campus Map
    Large Campus Map
    map showing bus route to LBL and Campbell hall, you can also walk straight up or down via parking lots and paths.
  • current Seminar Schedule
  • Logistical arrangements:
  • Seminar organizer: Joanne Cohn, Campbell 305/LBL 50-5015
  • Liz Worthy helps with reimbursements.
    We will try to schedule day of the your talk with meeting people in the group,
    if you visit longer than a day the rest of your time is wide open for you to arrange as you'd like.
    We usually have pizza lunch right before the talk. If you are a speaker coming in person and have dietary restrictions, please let Joanne know.
  • Desk and Wifi: Please contact your schedule to see where to go when you get to Campbell Hall on Tuesday. For WiFi, the best bet is Eduroam, which you need to set up before arriving, usually. Many people in the group sit in Campbell 341, and there are visitor desks there as well. It is a locked area, so arriving early in the morning might not work too well unless you already know someone will be there to let you in (most of us are theorists!).

Other Local Berkeley Info

Getting to Berkeley

  • Flying to Berkeley:
    Oakland airport (OAK) is closest,
    San Francisco airport ( SFO) is also nearby.
    You generally do not need to rent a car, but if you are taking a shuttle or taxi, allow time for traffic.
  • From the airports:
    • The BART now goes to both SFO airport and OAK airports. From OAK there is a BART shuttle train (every 5 min as of 11/2014) connecting to a longer line. From SFO it is a stop on the full longer line. To get times, you can go to the BART planner page, to get to Berkeley you want to type in "Downtown Berkeley" as your destination. You want to get to the downtown Berkeley stop (generally a train going to Richmond will do this, some days/times there is no direct train from SFO and announcements will tell you which trains have quick transfers, usually an Antioch train will then be the one you want, transfering at 19th Street or MacArthur, etc., to a Richmond train).
    • Shuttles, etc:
      Super Shuttle (Van Service) 1-800-258-3826 (toll free) (reservations on-line)
      Airport Commuter (Limousine or Sedan Service) 1-888-876-1777 (toll free) (reservations on-line),
      East Bay Express Airporter (Van Service) 1-510-547-0404 (toll call)
  • It is not recommended that you get a car, but if you do, here is information on how to drive to Berkeley
  • Other Public Transportation

Staying in Berkeley

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