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Long term (faculty & research staff)

  • CMB Experiment and Data Analysis

    Borrill, Julian
    Computational Cosmology Center LBL, (510) 486-7308,
    Delabrouille, Jacques
    Pierre Binetruy Center
    Holzapfel, Bill
    433 LeConte, 642-5036, UCB Physics faculty,, link
    Keskitalo, Reijo
    Computational Cosmology Center, (510) 486-5790, 50B-4206E, RTKeskitalo@lbl
    Kisner, Ted
    Computational Cosmology Center, (510) 495-2697,
    Kusaka, Akito
    LBL 50-6004, akusaka@lbl, 486-6175
    Lee, Adrian
    Physics Faculty/CMB, 643-4606,
    Richards, Paul
    345 Birge Hall, 642-3027, CMB faculty, Berkeley,
    Smoot, George
    (retired) UCB physics and LBNL faculty,
    Spieler, Helmuth, LBNL Physics Div. Sr. Staff
    Bldg 50B Rm. 6233, 486-6643,
    Stompor, Radek
    Pierre Binetruy Center
    Suzuki, Aritoki
    LBL Staff Scientist, LBL 50-5032, asuzuki@lbl, 486-5454

  • Dark Matter, Neutrino Astrophysics

    Haxton, Wick
    Physics and LBL faculty, 664-4321, 431 LeConte, haxton@berkeley
    McKinsey, Daniel
    441 Old Leconte, Physics faculty,
    Orebi-Gann, Gabriel
    Physics and LBL faculty, 642-1571, 317A LeConte, gabrielog@berkeley
    Price, Buford
    303 Birge Hall, 642-4982, Physics faculty, UCB,
    Pyle, Matt
    349 Old LeConte, mpyle1@berkeley
    Sadoulet, Bernard
    439 LeConte, 642-5719, Physics faculty,
    Sorensen, Peter
    LBL 50-5037, pfsorensen@lbl, 486-7030
  • Extra-Galactic Observation

    Kriek, Mariska
    Astronomy, NCH 317, mkriek@berkeley
  • Large Scale Structure

    Bailey, Stephen
    BOSS,DESI, LBL, 50-5052, 510-495-2604,
    Davis, Marc
    NCH 605s, 642-5156, Astronomy and Physics faculty
    Gontcho A Gontcho, Satya
    DESI project scientist, satyagontcho@lbl
    Guy, Julien
    LBL, jguy@lbl, LBL 50-5040B
    Levi, Michael
    Schlegel, David, LBNL, 495-2595
  • Particle Theory

    Bousso, Rafael
    UCB Physics faculty, 451 Birge,RBousso@lbl
    Gaillard, Mary K.
    UCB Physics faculty,
    Ganor, Ori
    UCB Physics faculty, origa@socrates
    Hall, Lawrence
    411 Birge, 642-6536, UCB Physics faculty,
    Horava, Petr
    UCB Physics faculty,
    Murayama, Hitoshi
    UCB Physics faculty,

  • Physical Cosmology Theory

    Almgren, Ann
    Computational Cosmology, LBL,
    Alvarez, Marcelo
    UCB Research, NCH 313/LBL 50-4206, marcelo.alvarez@berkeley
    Arons, Jonathan
    NCH 265, UCB Astronomy and Physics emeritus faculty, arons@astro
    Cahn, Robert
    50A-5117 LBL, 510-486-4481, rncahn@lbl
    Cieplak, Agnieszka
    207B Campbell, acieplak@berkeley
    Cohn, Joanne
    UCB Research, NCH 305/LBL 50-5015, (510) 486-5075, jcohn@berkeley
    Dai, Liang
    UCB Physics, liangdai@berkeley
    Ferraro, Simone
    sferraro@lbl, LBL 5040C, and NCH 341
    Linder, Eric
    UCB Research, evlinder@lbl
    Lukic, Zarija
    LBL computational cosmology group, 50B-4206, 486-6942, zarija@lbl
    Ma, Chung-Pei
    NCH 319, UCB Astronomy faculty, (510)642-4850,cpma@astro
    McDonald, Pat
    LBL 50-6050A, pvmcdonald@lbl
    Seljak, Uros
    UCB Physics and Astronomy faculty and LBL staff NCH 367/50-5032A, useljak@berkeley
    White, Martin
    NCH 303/LBL 50-5015, UCB Physics and Astronomy and LBL faculty, mwhite@berkeley

  • Reionization (Observation)

    Parsons, Aaron
    UCB Astronomy faculty, Hearst Field Annex B-54,aparsons@astro.berkeley

  • Supernovae and/or WFIRST

    Aldering, Greg
    LBNL, supernova cosmology,
    Filippenko, Alex
    NCH 255,510-642-1813, astronomy faculty, alex@astro link
    Groom, Don
    LBL, Supernovae scientist,
    Kasen, Dan
    UCB Physics and Astronomy and LBL faculty, 427 LeConte, kasen@berkeley
    Kim, Alex
    LBNL, 50-6045A, 486-4621, Supernovae,
    Nugent, Peter
    LBNL, supernova and computational cosmology,
    Pennypacker, Carl
    LBNL, 486-7429, Supernovae scientist, educator,
    Perlmutter, Saul
    LBNL, 50-5038, Supernova Cosmology scientist,
    Roe, Natalie
    LBNL, Head of Physics Division,
    Spadafora, Tony
    (510)495-2316, Supernova Cosmology/LBNL,
    Strovink, Mark
    Physics and LBNL,
    Thomas, Rollin
    LBNL Computational Cosmology Center (50B-4206G), SNfactory (Alvarez Fellow), RCThomas@lbl

  • Other Affiliates

    Clarke, John
    UCB Physics faculty,
    Grossan, Bruce
    LBNL 50-5002, CMB Foregrounds, Galaxy Clustering and AGN,Bruce_Grossan@lbl
    Siegrist, James
    UCB physics faculty, LBL, siegrist@lbl

Shorter term: Postdocs, Visitors

Anand, Abhijeet
AbhijeetAnand@lbl , DESI
Baleato Lizancos, Anton
LBL, CMB lensing, a.baleatolizancos@berkeley
Boehm, Vanessa
BCCP Postdoc, 341 Campbell Hall, vboehm@berkeley
Caldwell, David O.
SLAC/UCSB, P.O. Box 4349 Mail Stop 67, (650) 926-2547, UCSB Faculty/CDMS,
Chabanier, Solene
working with Lukic, schabanier@lbl
Crowley, Kevin
CMB, ktc35@berkeley
de Belsunce, Roger
rbelsunce@lbl, Lyman alpha+
deRose, Joe
jderose@lbl Chamberlain fellow
Dillon, Josh
BCCP Fellow, jsdillon@berkeley, Campbell 341
El Bouhargani, Hamza
Fang, Xiao
Ghosh, Shamik
CMB, sghosh4@lbl
Hadzhiyska, Boryana
Miller fellow, boryanah@berkeley
Horowitz, Ben
bahorowitz@lbl , C3 group
Huang, Xioasheng
LBNL, or xhuang@lbl
Ji, Lingyuan
BCCP fellow,lingyuan.ji@berkeley
Karamanis, Minas
Kremin, Anthony
LBNL, akremin@lbl,
Landriau, Martin
LBL, mlandriau@lbl, 50-5045 , 510-495-2316
La Plante, Paul
plaplant@berkeley , Reionization and machine learning, campus
Lee, Wonyong
Lu, Al
research physicist, Sadoulet group, 642-8858,, 791 Evans (mailing 366 Le Conte mc 7304)
Millea, Marius
mariusmillea@berkeley , 341 Campbell
Palmese, Antonella
Einstein fellow, palmese@berkeley
Park, Hyunbae
C3, hyunbae.park@lbl
Puglisi, Giuseppe
CMB data analysis with Lee and Borrill, gpuglisi@berkeley
Raichoor, Anand
DESI, araichoor@lbl, LBL 50-
Ross, Hannah
simulations, NERSC, hross@lbl
Schaan, Emmanuel
Chamberlain Fellow, eschaan@lbl, 50-5040D
Schlafly, Eddie
Livermore/LBL, LBL 50-5045, efschlafly@lbl
Seo, Hee-Jong (visiting for 2022-2023)
Hee-JongSeo@lbl, 50A-5104
Serfass, Bruno
post doc, Sadoulet group, 643-4674, serfass@cosmology, 349 LeConte
Stein, George
simluations, gstein@berkeley
Tamone, Amelie
Turner, Michael
visiting Miller Professor fall 2022
Valcin, David
dvalcin@lbl visiting postdoc for a year, DESI
Weaverdyck, Noah
Chamberlain fellow, nweaverdyck@lbl
Whitehorn, Nathan
postdoc with W. Holzapfel, nwhitehorn@berkeley
Yeche, Christophe
visiting LBL,
Yellin, Steve
SLAC/UCSB CDMS project, #R256 SLAC, (650)926-3594,
Zhang, Kai, DESI project scientist
Zhou, Rongpu
LBL DESI postdoc, rongpuzhou@lbl


Adkins, Tylor
CMB, Simons Array, tadkins@berkeley
Avva, Jessica
student with Holzapfel, CMB, javva@berkeley
Bayer, Adrian
Student with Uros, abayer@berkeley
Byrne, Lindsey
visiting graduate student working with Lukic, lbyrne@lbl
Chen, Shi-Fan Stephen
student of Martin White, shifan_chen@berkeley
Dai, Biwei
student with Seljak, biwei@berkeley
Dornfest, Max
C3 (50B-4206) at LBL, madornfest@lbl
Groh, John
Huang, Nicholas
CMB observation, student with Holzapfel,ndhuang@berkeley
Liu, Henry
Maus, Mark
student with White
Monsalve, Francisco
LBNL, grad student,
Pease, Evan
McKinsey student,ekpease@lbl
Robnik, Jakob
Cosmology, planet detection
Russier, Elisa
erussier@lbl, Centre Pierre Binetruy
Sailer, Noah
student of Martin White, nsailer@berkeley
Sullivan, Jamie
Seljak student
Truong, Mai
student of Alex Kim,
Yin, Winston
Yu, Byeonghee
student with U. Seljak, bhyu@berkeley, 341 LeConte

Technical, Engineering and Logistical Support

Alvaro-Dean, Judith
87 LeConte Hall, CDMS technical support (510)643-9870,
Byrd, Karen
LBL, 510-486,6872, (510) 486-1749,
Computer Support (Steve Sizemore)
Cortez, Troy
Visitor and other support,, 510-486-5169 (fax 510-486-6808)
Emes, John
LBNL, 2/200, 486-7169 technical support
Nocera, Rosemary
LBNL, BCG logo/web design,
Seitz, Dennis
83 Le Conte Hall, 643-5554, CDMS engineer,

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