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Seminar Details

  • Usual Seminar Time/Place:
    1:10 -2 pm Tuesdays, B1 Hearst Field Annex, UC Berkeley
    (Please note this is 50 minutes, questions outside of those during the talk start at 2 pm)
    Hearst Field Annex is the temporary home of UC Astronomy while Campbell Hall is torn down and rebuilt. Office numbers of the form C-254 or D lounge or B1 are all in this complex of buildings. It is easily reached by foot from any of the hotels, and the simplest route is to come in along Bancroft Ave and turn north into campus. The Astronomy Department office is in B and is the place to go when you arrive so that you can get a key to access the other buildings (which are all locked).
    Campus Map
    Large Campus Map
    map with Astronomy/Physics and LBL marked
  • current Seminar Schedule
  • Logistical arrangements: Eric Essman, (510) 486-5853 , fax (510) 486-6808
    Mailing Address: MS 50A5104, LBNL, 1 Cyclotron Road, Berkeley, CA, 94720, USA and
    speaker Expense reimbursement form
  • Seminar organizer: Joanne Cohn, C-254 Hearst Field Annex
    We will try to schedule day of the your talk with meeting people in the group,
    if you visit longer than a day the rest of your time is wide open for you to arrange as you'd like.
  • Usual Visitor Office: tbd in HFA (Hearst Field Annex)

Other Local Berkeley Info

Getting to Berkeley

  • Flying to Berkeley:
    Oakland airport (OAK) is closest.
    San Francisco airport ( SFO) is also nearby.
    You generally do not need to rent a car, but if you are taking a shuttle or taxi, allow time for traffic.
  • The BART now goes to SFO airport. You want to get to the downtown Berkeley stop (generally a train going to Richmond will do this, some days/times there is no direct train and announcements will tell you which trains have quick transfers). To take BART from the Oakland Airport, look for an AirBart Bus and take this to the BART station. The Bayporter is generally faster from OAK however.
  • Bayporter Airport Shuttles: 1-877-467-1800 to/from both OAK and SFO (if calling from outside the bay area use 1-415-467-1800)., reservations online. To get picked up from the airport, call them when your bags have arrived and they'll give you a reservation and tell you where to wait. If you are arriving at an unusual hour it may be good to verify with them that they'll be there at that time. To get a ride to the airport, try to call at least a day in advance.
  • other services: Airport Commuter (Limousine or Sedan Service) 1-888-876-1777 (toll free) (reservations on-line),
    East Bay Express Airporter (Van Service) 1-510-547-0404 (toll call) and
    Super Shuttle (Van Service) 1-800-258-3826 (toll free) (reservations on-line)
  • It is not recommended that you get a car, but if you do, here is information on how to drive to Berkeley
  • Other Public Transportation

Staying in Berkeley

Please note--if you are a Tuesday speaker, your lodging arrangements should be made by Eric Essman, as there are special LBL rates at many of these places. The phone numbers are in case you need information from the hotel, not to make your reservations. There may be difficulties reimbursing you if you make lodging arrangements on your own without coordinating either with Eric or Joanne.

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