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Physics/Astronomy C290C Cosmology and Cosmology-BCCP Seminar
The Physics/Astronomy C290C series consists of the Cosmology-BCCP LBNL-Physics-Astronomy Cosmology seminars held Tuesdays 1:10-2:00 pm in room B1 (also videoconferenced to 50-5026) Hearst Field Annex. Feel free bring your lunch.
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BOSS and Nyx
(Image by C. Stark)

Note that there are also other talks which generally might be of interest, including:

August 2014:
Aug. 22, Friday
12 noon (INPA)
David J.E. Marsh, Perimeter
LBL 50-5026
Quintessence in a quandary: on prior dependence in dark energy models
The archetypal theory of dark energy is quintessence: a minimally coupled scalar field with a canonical kinetic energy and potential. By studying random potentials we show that quintessence imposes a restricted set of priors on the equation of state of dark energy. Focusing on the commonly-used parametrisation, $w(a)\approx w_0+w_a(1-a)$, we show that there is a natural scale and direction on the $(w_0, w_a)$ plane that distinguishes quintessence as a general framework. We calculate the expected information gain for a given survey and show that, because of the non-trivial prior information, it is a function of more than just the figure of merit. This allows us to make a quantitative case for novel survey strategies.

September 2014:
Sep. 2, Tuesday
1:10 pm (Cosmology/BCCP)
Sirio Belli, Caltech
Hearst Field Annex B-1

Sep. 9, Tuesday
1:10 pm (Cosmology/BCCP)
Frederick Davies, UCLA
Hearst Field Annex B-1

Sep. 16, Tuesday
1:10 pm (Cosmology/BCCP)
Shea Garrison-Kimmel, Irvine
Hearst Field Annex B-1

Sep. 23 and 30, Tuesday
no Tuesday talks,
Astronomy Dept move

October 2014:

Oct 3, Friday
12:00 pm (INPA/Cosmology/BCCP)
Yin Li, Chicago
LBL 50-5026 INPA room

Oct. 7, Tuesday
1:10 pm (Cosmology/BCCP)
Benedikt Diemer, Chicago
Hearst Field Annex B-1

Oct. 14, Tuesday
1:10 pm (Cosmology/BCCP)
Simone Ferraro, Princeton
Hearst Field Annex B-1

Oct. 21, Tuesday
1:10 pm (Cosmology/BCCP)
Josh Dillon, MIT
Hearst Field Annex B-1

Oct. 28, Tuesday
1:10 pm (Cosmology/BCCP)
Joseph Clampitt, Penn
Hearst Field Annex B-1

Oct 31, Friday
12:00 pm (INPA/Cosmology/BCCP)
Liang Dai, JHU
LBL 50-5026 INPA room

November 2014:

Nov. 4, Tuesday
1:10 pm (Cosmology/BCCP)
Colin Slater, Michigan
Hearst Field Annex B-1

Nov. 11, Tuesday

Veteran's Day, no talk

Nov. 18, Tuesday
1:10 pm (Cosmology/BCCP)
Emanuele Castorina, SISSA
? Campbell Hall

December 2014:

Dec. 2, Tuesday
1:10 pm (Cosmology/BCCP)
Jes Ford, UBC
Hearst Field Annex B-1

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