BCCP Berkeley Center for Cosmological Physics

BICEP Background Imaging of Cosmic Extragalactic Polarization

BOSS Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey

Clamato Survey

Computational Cosmology

CDMS Cryogenic Dark Matter Search

CFHTLS Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope Legacy Survey

CMB Cosmic Microwave Background / Smoot Group


DES Dark Energy Survey Project

DESI, Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument, ground based stage IV BAO experiment

HERA Hydrogen Epoch of Reionization Array

KAIT Katzman Automatic Imaging Telescope


LSST Large Synoptic Survey Telescope

PAIRITEL- Peters Automated Infrared Imaging Telescope

PAPER- Precision Array to Probe Epoch of Reionization


PolarBeaR Polarization of Background Radiation

SKA Square Kilometer Array

SPT South Pole Telescope

SCP Supernova Cosmology Project

SNfactory Nearby Supernova Factory

Theoretical Cosmology

TMT Thirty Meter Telescope

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