LBL Cosmology Summer Visitor Program

Precision Cosmology with the Lyman alpha Forest

June 13-17, 2005
Berkeley Lab

The theme of the 2005 LBL cosmology summer visitor program is Precision Cosmology with the Lyman-alpha Forest. The Lyman-alpha forest has emerged as an important cosmological tool and has already provided constraints on cosmological parameters, such as the neutrino mass and the primordial tilt of the power spectrum, which rival the precision of the CMB and large galaxy surveys. Future samples of quasar pairs will provide a means to measure the dark energy density at z ~ 2, through the Alcock-Paczynksi test. In the past few years the quantity and quality of data available has grown enormously. Combined with the advances in numerical methods and progress in related areas, it is timely to assess which aspects of the Lyman Alpha Forest hold the most promise for current issues in cosmology.

We anticipate mostly unstructured interactions following the Aspen philosophy, with short technical talks in the morning and then a daily afternoon tea with informal discussions.

Visitors include:

  • Mariangela Bernardi (UPenn)
  • Kristin Burgess (Princeton)
  • Scott Burles (MIT)
  • Rupert Croft (CMU)
  • Vincent Desjacques (Technion)
  • Salman Habib (LANL)
  • Katrin Heitmann (LANL)
  • Pat McDonald (CITA)
  • Adam Lidz (CfA)
  • Andy Marble (Arizona)
  • John O'Meara (MIT)
  • Jason Prochaska (UCSC)
  • Ravi Sheth (UPenn)
  • Nao Suzuki (UCSD, tentative)
  • Tom Theuns (Durham)
  • David Tytler (UCSD, partial)


(How to get to the Lab, restaurants, rooms where we're meeting, etc.)


The local organizers are Joanne Cohn, Joe Hennawi, and Martin White, the administrative support person is Melissa Barclay.
Other LBL and UC Berkeley people will participate as well. See for example the Berkeley Cosmology Group and SNAP.
Sponsored by the Physics Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

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